Zion National Park – Day 2…”Equally Amazing, Equally Stunning”

by | Sep 24, 2012

“Lucy the Lizard” was our trail guide…


Steve soaking feet end of hike & Judy at the top on the Loop Trail


Steve, sitting on the ledge on the Watchman Trail plateau…

It was another spectacular day exploring Zion National Park!  We feel so much gratitude to be on what Judy refers to as our “journey of freedom and healing.”  Sitting on the cliff ledge in the above photo was proof enough to me that we humans are part of a spiritual universe, making a difference during the short time we have on this earth.  I would have loved taking flight just like a bird, but reality reminded me instantly that the one thing we humans do not have are wings.  While Judy explored the plateau high above Watchman Trail, I enjoyed the balmy breeze sitting on top of the world in a vortex of nature and spiritual energy…  This was the kind of sensory experience that can be found only in places unique in the world.  The peace of mind and sense of well being is wonderful and a true gift from God…  We are blessed to be sure as “60 somethings” on a once in a life time adventure rediscovering our love for each other and nature at its heavenly best…

The websites above will take you to an abundance of information and photos of one of America’s natural treasures.  I love the second YouTube video clip of a young boy showing his excitement about the highlights of Watchman Trail.  It reminds me of my charity work with www.neighborsforkids.org where we observe young people doing amazing things all the time.  We make kids feel special with a little extra love and mentoring after regular school hours. 

Next stop along our journey is Bryce Canyon National Park a little further east crossing over scenic Mt. Carmel via hwy 9 and 89 en route to Flagstaff, Arizona.  Please stay with us in cyberspace while we explore even more stunning and amazing treasures of mother nature…

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

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