Young Life – Spiritual and personal growth for young adults… Meet my grandson Joey pictured in the photo above to the right of me with my four grand children…

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Young Life Camp

Swimming campers at Young Life’s Wildhorse Canyon camp (now Washington Family Ranch).

“Young Life maintains camps in 14 American states as well as three camps in British Columbia, Canada and camps in the Dominican Republic and South America.[1] Referred to as “The Best Week of Your Life,” these camps are well attended and incorporate Christian messages based on the grace of God into an environment stressing fun and safety, with many secular activities mixed in to include non-Christians. Although the camps vary in activity type and location, many camps include a waterfront or lake, hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, ropes courses and many other activities. These camps are attended by students from around the world, and are staffed by a mix of full-time Young Life employees and student, young adult and adult volunteer, with the average camper to staff ratio being about 5:1. Young Life camps introduce and reinforce the essential beliefs of Christianity to Christians and non-Christians alike with the aid of comedy and pop culture.”

I am so pleased and proud to introduce my dear Grandson, Joey, who is pictured above on the far right with me and all four beautiful grand kids.  Joey is just beginning his life journey as an adult on his own pursuing studies as a sophomore at St. Cloud State University, St Cloud, Mn.  He is also very active in the Young Life non-profit mission as an area leader to mentor teens in their search for spiritual connectedness and personal growth.  Young Life is described in the link above and has been in existence since 1941.  Young Life is one of the largest and most successful faith based organizations in America.  The mission is to mentor young adults in achieving a happy, healthy, and productive life rooted in spiritual connectedness and in making a difference for others.

I am so proud of Joey and all my grand children!  They remind me each day of the importance of ensuring that all children have every opportunity to grow up with spiritual values, healthy bodies, and strong minds… 

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