Big Wave Surfing at “Nelscott Reef”

by | Jan 20, 2014

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Nelscott Reef, Lincoln City, Oregon January 14, 2014

Oregon’s Nelscott Big Wave Contest January 19, 2012  Quote from this website article published in the Oregonian By Jamie Francis | 
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on January 19, 2014 at 3:01 PM, updated January 19, 2014 at 3:06 PM

“A dozen big wave surfers braved the 52-degree Pacific Sunday  at Lincoln City to participate in the Nelscott Reef surf contest. The big waves form above the reef, about a mile off shore. The shore break was about 10-12 feet Sunday and the break on the reef was reported to be about 26-feet.”
Surfing is one of my favorite “living in the moment” life experiences.  As a teen living in Southern California, and while serving in the US Navy at Pearl Harbor, surfing was my escape…  To this day, I am a big fan and yesterday was no exception watching tow surfing near my home on the Central Oregon Coast.  When I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety in 1965, my doctor encouraged me to continue my passion for the waves because it would be healing.

I have written in this blog about the value of “mindfulness” (click to reference post).  “In its simplest terms, being mindful is simply paying attention to the matter in hand. If you are writing a blog post, as I am now, just do that. If you are reading this blog post, as you are now, then just do that. When either my attention or yours wanders from our writing or our reading, we simply bring our focus back, and continue. That is being mindful.”

Writing is my way of practicing mindfulness or living in the moment these days.  I also crave the outdoors, including as a spectator, watching surfers or just enjoying the beauty of the beaches and ocean near my home.  You can practice living in the moment in many ways.  Just do the things you are passionate about, which focus your mind like a laser or make your heart pound with love and joy…  The emotional pain of past traumatic life events stay at a safe distance when mindfulness is achieved.  Hook up with a loved one or friend and practice living in the moment with others…

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