Yakona Nature Preserve… Most Beautiful Treasure of Nature’s Peace & Love

by | Feb 14, 2022


”Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”

Rachel Carson


“Yakona Nature Preserve was created to restore native coastal forest on Oregon’s Yaquina Bay and offers opportunities to learn about resident wildlife, cultural history and to serve as a living laboratory of coastal ecosystems.”


“Where the Yaquina River widens to become Yaquina Bay on the Oregon coast, an unnamed 400-acre peninsula lies between King and McCaffery Sloughs. It was here — and in the surrounding area — that an ancient clan known as the Yaquina made their home on the Yaquina watershed as early as 1,000 BCE.”

How to go there…


My friend Natalie called me with such joy and excitement yesterday to say she was going to work at this place of such beauty. “Wow, Natalie! We can’t wait to hear and learn more.”

Then, I started to do a little research and found something magical about where we live. I can’t believe we’ve been here in Lincoln County Oregon for 17 years and haven’t explored this 400 acre preserve on the south end of Yaquina Bay.

While looking through the information, I thought of immediately becoming “Friends of Yakona Nature.” It got Judy’s attention too. We are both excited to take a drive there right now, really!

“Let’s go, Judy,” I say. I think so. It’s Valentines Day, after all. Finding nature’s peace ‘n love on this day seems to be what we both want to do.

Go ahead too, check out the “Wandering Yuncks” link. There is a never ending journey of wonder and beauty waiting to explore further up the trail from Yakona.

Most spiritual to me is to learn of the Yakona indigenous tribes who lived there for centuries before being discovered by the white man early in the 19th century. Sadly, another story that breaks my heart.

But now, some good people are preserving this partial of land once occupied by the Yaquina people. The beauty and history of this amazing coastal area, just a short distance from hwy 101 south of the Yaquina Bridge, is a destination we can’t wait to explore.

Come with us. We are going soon to find new adventure & romance with the Yaquina…

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