Trauma Informed Workplace Wellness…

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Weyerhaeuser Company Corporate Headquarters
Seattle, Wa
Introduceed Workplace Wellness in mid 70s. ‘Open Office Design’ was new back then. Company policy included work out spaces inside and outside. Men’s and women’s separate showers and lockers were also provided.

Are you meeting your business recruiting and retention goals?

“How does your business conduct a trauma-informed organizational assessment or have measures or indicators that show the level of trauma-informed approach?”

For me, “Workplace Wellness” is at the center of productivity in any organization, public, private or philanthropic. If employees and volunteers aren’t feeling good about themselves and others, the bottom line suffers. Your business enterprise will fail without a happy workplace, and lots of smiles all around…

And, let’s not forget the volunteers who put their passion and skills to work on behalf of communities and causes they care about. Volunteers can suffer the most, and be chased away from helping community based organizations. Volunteers must be a critical priority in workplace wellness too…

For my entire professional life, including executive leadership, workplace wellness has always been a personal challenge of self care. It was always painful for me to lead a work force traumatized by bad leaders of the past and stressful circumstances that continue without mitigation. That was my job back then, and still is as a executive management consultant…

Why is the workplace so estranged from recognizing the value of kindness and well-being? Yeah, there are many small, medium and large organizations that do a wonderful job loving and caring for their staff and workers overall. But, there are far more who think the workplace is not personal, and well being happens before and after work.

Do you have a healthy and creative workplace? Is there room for improvement? Do you have a plan or policy?

We know now more than ever before, if your workplace is ill, your business is sick too. If your customers are unhappy and stressed out, then your business goals will suffer. Your enterprise will fail eventually. Families are hurt, customers are left holding the bag. Your community will suffer too…

What can we do to improve workforce wellness? Let’s walk together and talk about steps that are proactive and cost effective.

Take a look at this comprehensive narrative and recommendations for ‘trauma informed’ workplace wellness policy and programs. Includes recommendations and suggestions on how to make this happen, and how to change corporate culture to sustain a healthy and happy workplace.

Be well in your workplace. Help your coworkers feel better about themselves and others.

Steve Sparks, SparksAssociates

Reach out to us for help.

Excellent talk on leadership and workplace wellness by Tim Vaughn! Only 10 minutes!

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