When It Rains The Sonora Sings To Me…

by | Aug 7, 2022

When it rains the desert sings… Texas Sage

“Actually harmful to the touch. The stinging caterpillars have stiff poisonous hairs or spines on their bod- ies that are connected to poison glands. When a person comes into contact with the spines, they break and venom is released. Reaction to this venom varies from mild to severe.Jul 13, 2011″

The Sonora sings…

It took just a few days for the desert to come alive after the Monsoons came rushing in from Sea of Cortez. It was the Texas Sage blooms singing & dancing to me first. What did I hear and feel?

The brilliant Lavender colors sing to me.

But, please don’t touch the Texas Sage! I’m learning from my neighbors that it’s painful, like a sting. Stay your distance and respect boundaries.

Blooming Torch Cacti

“White Flower on a ‘Big Bertha’ Torch Cactus (The common name for this white-flowered torch cactus is ‘Big Bertha.’)”

Photo © 2019 by Chuck Nugent, all rights reserved


For me, the Blooming Torch Cacti is one of the most beautiful blooms I’ve ever seen. I can’t get enough of the stunning beauty of this cacti. I believe the blooms smile at me, and I smile back.

When I look at the desert and the diversity of the Sonora landscape, including White Tank Mountains, my soul feels whole. I feel the spirits of the Native Americans who settled here first so long ago.

Join me in this exploration and discovery of things larger than ourselves. Come with me while my soul searches for truth…

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