When Does Work Become Too Homey?

by | Mar 13, 2022



Can work be too homey?

A Homey workplace conjures up a coffee ‘n chat safe place in my mind. How can that be too homey?

During my career, I hated the office! That’s why I loved sales. The customer was my office, a mostly fun place to be, and fruitful too.

Back then late 60s, the office gave me no freedom of choice, expression, and transparency. It was a disciplined workplace. Though unlike the military, there was a sense of urgency, and typical smoke filled rooms too.

The office was like a boiler room for me back then. It was surely not homey. I don’t think some of the guys ever went home for very long in those days.

Where does Homey come in?

When Homey visits the workplace, this is where coffee ‘n chat rule the day, as work proves the day. This how we keep boiler rooms away.

Homey is where big things, dreams, and stars are born. The first Apple Computer was born at home

Workplace Wellness

“Workplace Wellness” came a long first in the 70s. “Open Office Landscape,” we named it. Homey, indeed, was the way it felt back then, when Weyerhauser Company introduced it in 1974.

I think Homey at the office is here to stay. That’s if you work in a office these days. The “office” is home where the heart is truly.


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