What Do Your Kids Need to Know or Say About The “January 6th” Insurrection?

by | Mar 3, 2021


First, do you talk with your kids or at them? Do you preach to them about all the stuff you think you know?

Do you actually listen to them or just lecture? If you can’t answer these simple questions, then look in the mirror.


Sound simple? Well, it ain’t simple at all….

Here’s what I want to know sooner than later. At 74, who knows…

Do we still teach our kids in school political science, civics, war and peace, and lessons learned?

I remember my father talking about Germany mid 30s. I also remember reading and studying fascism at college 70s 80s…

All we knew about back then was the KKK. We knew also what they were up to after the Civil War. And that wasn’t America either…

Proud Boys sure sounds like the KKK model. Who wants that in America’s future?

I learned also about authoritarian governments, white supremist, non democratic countries around the globe. Who wants that kind of ugly stuff in America’s future?


We can go way back to midevil times and see the King/Queen thing to start with. Then, take a look at how much power the Catholic Church had back then…


Is this what America wants to be? Wow! How stupid are we?

Yeah, America has big problems like forever. But, we don’t need a “Putin” to solve them.

We know how this works. It’s wrong and it doesn’t work, period. Never has, never will…

I wonder about our kids and in their schooling. Is political science and history studies no longer required? What about war and peace?

Does anybody study lessons learned from our past?

Do kids learn liberal arts at all?

Most importantly, how did America become ignorant and stupid? Why did 74 million people buy the “Big Lies?”

This ain’t political conversation. It’s about education, awareness, and truth. Will truth and trust return?

I want to know before I leave this world and so do most from my boomer generation. What happened? What’s wrong with America? How do we fix it? My rant… I earned it!

Escape for a moment…

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