Welcome Casey Miller! The Conversation Begins With You ‘n Me, & The Citizens of Lincoln County Oregon…

by | Jan 10, 2022


Hi Casey! You ready? Let’s get to work, my friend…

First, Casey & I know each other well. We have been friends & colleagues in Lincoln County Oregon for many years. I love Casey! He’s a good dude, a dear friend who I will always support no matter what.

I will never run against anyone in this campaign, especially Casey. I believe we both have the same goal. We want to engage you directly in conversation about the issues we care about the most. Casey & I have always talked about these things often over years, including on his radio show.

Casey supported me in everything we have both worked hard for together as a team over the years. I will continue to support him as we do this work for the greater good together, as we have always done.

I don’t see any politics or debate about a conversation we all want and need right now, especially when kindness & love are needed the most.

ALGEE Bear! Mental Health 1st Aid USA Mascot from Australia…

Casey, can we start by having a conversation with ALGEE Bear? I will be happy to join you on a Zoom call to be recorded on YouTube & posted widely in our local community and everywhere else…

Send me an invite. You can ask me & my ALGEE Bear friend questions about mental health & trauma informed care. Are You game, my man? Let’s get started…

You can pick the next topic after this. Okay?


I’m especially interested in this topic written recently. This is a tough issue for most who suffer from trauma, especially with loved ones who try to support each other at work and at home. How do we support each other and not make each other even sicker?

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