Warm, Even Hot Weather Is Saving My Life…and a new pal…

by | Jul 2, 2022

Inflammation and Depression 

“We know that pain and disability are linked to depression in arthritis, but a developing theory is that inflammation also plays a role. A study published in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry reviewed levels of C-reactive protein — a marker of inflammation — in 10,036 people who responded to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Those with symptoms of depression had CRP levels that were 31% higher than those with no depressive symptoms.”


I’m at the half-mile pit stop for my morning walk. It is clear to me now how healthy it is here for seniors, especially those who struggle with arthritis like me.

All I see are smiles & laughter. Very active & healthy seniors appear to live much longer in this climate. It’s like Heaven here. Getting up at 5a to start the day early is the magic sauce. A nice balmy breeze sets me free, both mind ‘n body.

Not too long ago as we prepared to move to Sun City Festival, my arthritis made it difficult to get out of bed most mornings. My mind became focused entirely on navigating and mitigating excruciating pain. At times pushing the pain to levels never experienced before.

It was like my life was reaching out to the end days, grinning and pulling me in. QBut Judy and other close friends pushed me to keep going. “Don’t give up Sparky,” they’d say. Physical and mental therapy along with great health care kept me alive.

Rooster, my new pal…

My new best friend, Rooster Roadrunner, helps each day to maintain a good pace as we walk together, He slows down or speeds up a tad to keep me on my toes.

Rooster runs much faster than most varmints, including us. You have to be a wildlife whisperer like me to make friends with them.

Rattlesnakes stay clear of Rooster. He is faster than a Rattlesnake too. He circles around the snake, making it dizzy. Then, goes for the neck, striking it like a sword.

Rooster feels my soul and heartbeat He looks deep into my eyes. He feels my heart and soul,

Rooster hears my heart and soul too. He sees the best in me.

If Rooster sees you in this way and feels your soul, he will be a devoted friend forever. Do you think we could take lessons in kindness ‘n love from Rooster? I think so.


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