Vulnerability…Taking a Risk to be Authentic

by | Dec 5, 2021

Vulnerability researcher
Brené Brown studies vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame. Full bio

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change. ” (Brené Brown)… click for video clip…

My experience learning to be vulnerable…by Steve Sparks…

I resisted being vulnerable on a personal level for most of my adult life until the prime age of 64.  While kicking and screaming, I finally gave in, completely!  

I paid a big price for being less than vulnerable at home away from work.  In my family, as a post WWII military child, we were taught to “suck it up.” 

Toughness was critical to survival growing up in the “too terrible to remember 50’s.”  Outside of home it was difficult to build relationships because of the outwardly tough acting exterior. 

Who wants to be around someone who doesn’t cry or has a hard time hugging and trusting others…and is angry more often than not?  To really engage in healthy ways with others, you must take a risk and be vulnerable on a personal level, not just at work. 

When we achieve a good balance both at work and on a personal level without the shame of being exposed, the result is so much more fulfilling.  It is especially critical to be exceptionally vulnerable once leaving a long career and starting a new life in retirement, “The 3rd Act.” 

As an aging boomer and trauma survivor, thriving is the centerpiece of maintaining an optimum & creative mindset while being open to change, and being an empathetic and compassionate human being.  I no longer resist being vulnerable both on a professional and personal level.  It is never too late to change if you embrace vulnerability…

Brene’ Brown brings tons of wisdom and truth with a humorous style while teaching us the value of being a healthy and vulnerable human being…  I am grateful for having listened to Ms. Brown’s TED talk and love sharing it with all my friends and family…

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