Visit to Cave Creek Arizona with cousin Frank Jr…and learned something special about my Grand Dad, Art Sparks…

by | Oct 6, 2012

From left, Uncle Ron, Dad Vernon, Grandma Sparks, Grandpa Sparks, Aunt Juneth & Aunt Dolly

Learning more about my family has been a highlight and blessing during visits with Cousin Frank Devine Jr.  In the above photo, Frank’s mom is Juneth, who passed away some years ago.  All the above family members are now gone, but there is much to learn about these loving people, especially Grandpa Art Sparks.  When Cousin Frank Jr. lost his Dad, Frank Sr. at age 13, Grandpa Sparks stepped in immediately to provide Frank critical fatherly support at the time.  Frank’s relationship with our Grandpa Art was special and made a huge difference for the teenage boy to move forward with his life.  It warmed my heart to hear this story about Grandpa Sparks.  I had no idea of his loving and compassionate nature when as a grand father it was so important for him to step-up and show his grandson Frank Jr. the way forward with the same loving care as his own Dad, Frank Sr.  It  is also special for me at this time in my life to receive the gift of knowing Grandpa Sparks much better on a very personal level.  Until this day, my memories of Grandpa Sparks were very vague and never connected in any personal way.  Thanks to Cousin Frank Jr. I also feel much closure to our Grandpa Sparks.

Meanwhile, back at Cave Creek, Arizona…  Judy and I really enjoyed visiting this truly fascinating western town nestled in a valley in a mountainous area of the desert.  Cave Creek is a very popular bedroom community of Phoenix, as well as a winter escape for retirees who come here from the cold climate up north.  The “Town Dump” (photos below) was one of the more fascinating antique stores we have ever visited.  Many of the items for sale included religous artifacts from old Catholic churches in the southwest, including Mexico.  There is also a large selection of brass animal sculptures that appear larger than life.  I wonder who the artists were and what compelled them to build the objects shown in the photos below.  Be sure and click on the website for Cave Creek,_Arizona and learn more about this special place.

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

“Town Dump”

Cousin Frank Jr. standing next to an old manure carriage

Great view of Town Dump yard sale items…

Steve & Judy in the old town area…

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