US Coast Guard History… Depoe Bay Oregon… Fleet of Flowers Returns!

by | Jan 26, 2022

In 1930, Representative James Mott introduced a bill to authorize the treasury to establish a Coast Guard station in Depoe Bay. The station was to be an auxiliary to the Yaquina Bay Lifeboat Station.

This station was established in 1940, as an auxiliary to Yaquina Station in Newport. In 1949, the volume of work done to aid fishing craft and other coast-wise traffic was rapidly increasing, and authorization was received giving new staff and equipment to Officer-in-Charge Francis J. Greenbrook.

CG Station’s name was officially changed to Coast Guard Moorings, Depoe Bay. Also in 1949, Depoe Bay’s motor life-boat “Yaquina Bay” went to Newport for repairs; when it was returned, “Yaquina Bay” had been painted over with “Depoe Bay”, bringing smiles all around at the station. In 1995, proposed cuts to Coast Guard funding would have reduced the 24 assigned personnel to only 10.

President Clinton stepped in and signed a bill prohibiting the closure of small boat search and rescue stations in Oregon, ensuring the station would have sufficient personnel to continue its involvement with rescuing fishing boats and people in trouble on the water.

The station’s current area of responsibility extends from Cape Kiwanda to Spencer Creek. Their primary mission is to provide search and rescue to commercial mariners, recreational boaters, and surfers.

Depoe Bay CG Station also supports numerous other missions including marine environmental protection, fisheries conservation enforcement, towing, and enforcing boating safety regulations.

Our CG Station averages 100 search and rescue cases per year, and currently has 31 active-duty personnel, two 47-foot motor lifeboats, and one 25-foot RB-S. The Coast Guard’s continued presence ensures that our commercial, charter, and sport fishermen can operate with safety and protection.

Fleet of Flowers returns Memorial Day 2022!

It’s time to get really excited about Depoe Bay’s famous Memorial Day celebration, Fleet of Flowers!

The whole town, larger community & folks around the nation will return again this year after 2 years of scaled down events, pulled off with much heart and soul by our loving community volunteers.

Since moving to the Oregon Coast over 15 years ago, we have come to know the honor bestowed on the legacy of coastal fishermen. 

Lives have been lost and saved at sea over many decades either because of the extreme weather conditions at times or in a rescue effort by the US Coast Guard stationed in Depoe Bay and other ports along the Oregon Coast. 

Memorial Day is the time for honor and remembrance of those who gave their lives while building Oregon’s fishing industry.  It is also the time to honor the US Coast Guard’s historic role in providing homeland security and protecting the coastal waters of Oregon. 

Depoe Bay has a strong presence of the US Coast Guard who serve our community along with the firefighters, emergency medical services, and local police 1st responders.  With great pride, we honor the Armed Forces of America on Memorial Day as well.

The long tradition of the Fleet of Flowers on Memorial Day brings much joy and healing to the community.  We celebrate and honor those who have risked their lives while serving America and all the families who served too…

We will dearly miss this very special annual Memorial Day celebration, Depoe Bay’s very own for 75 years.

See you all soon. Be safe and healthy until Memorial Day weekend here in Depoe Bay, Oregon.

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