Urban Renewal 101 for Rural Communities… A community building strategy where all citizens can be engaged!

by | Jun 10, 2015


The old historic Whale Inn on 101…embarrassing blight is not good for community… City of Depoe Bay, Oregon…


Urban Renewal 101 could address this terrible eye sore for Depoe Bay, Oregon… The Whale Inn on 101 is abandoned…


Knowledge is Power… by Dave Morgan, news@bendnewstoday.com

“Urban Renewal is not a trick pony you tie up in front of city hall and put money in some peoples’ pockets as they wink at each other from across the room.  It’s enormously complex in terms of regulations, financial instruments and state and local tax laws.
This is not a toy or a silver bullet to benefit a small group of people – not that any bond counsel, attorney or local banker would ever go along with a scheme to hijack the process.  Urban Renewal has been around for decades – a product of the Federal Model Cities program dating back to the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations.  It’s well travel ground.  Those who would seek to use it as a way to direct monetary or political benefits have no idea – nary a clue – as to what kind of wasp nest they’re whacking.”
Dave Morgan’s article spells it out in simple terms for me.  The citizens of rural communities who are fortunate to have Urban Renewal resources and boundaries have choices that can make a difference in attracting more visitors and stimulating economic development.  But we have to be highly engaged and take ownership as community partners to make it happen.  I encourage those interested to download the Urban Renewal 101 Starter Kit to become educated.  Next step is to contact your City Hall and Urban Renewal Agency to get involved.
Talking for myself as a Depoe Bay City Councilor, we need to be fully informed, and become experts in Urban Renewal in order to take full advantage of the opportunities for our community to build a competitive 21st Century City.  We have significant resources available but must take ownership ourselves to ensure that funding opportunities are selected appropriately and managed effectively.  Citizens of rural communities must play a huge role.  We need your help and support!
I serve at the pleasure of the citizens of Depoe Bay, Oregon.  Thank you all for your support!
Steve Sparks
City Councilor
Depoe Bay, Oregon
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