A Tribute to Good Samaritans, at Roads End Beach in Lincoln City, Oregon!!!

by | Oct 12, 2014

Bret Lucich

The Bret Lucich Show… Click photo for larger view…  Click highlighted text for schedule of shows…


Judy, just before her fall on October 3, 2014… Thank God she was not injured!



Roads End Beach at North end during low tide…we could see the other side… Click on highlighted text for more…

Bret Lucich, “One Hero at a Time.”  Click on highlighted text for YouTube music/video clip…

Bret Lucich was at the Roads End Beach on Oct 3rd…when my wife, Judy, fell on the rocks at the north end.   Another hero, Clayton, from Elko, Nevada was there to help as well. We are grateful that Judy did not hit her head and sustain serious injuries…  It was one of those unexpected moments that can happen to anyone that could have changed our lives in an instant if Judy had been seriously injured…   Bret and Clayton were very kind and comforting to Judy and stayed with us until she recovered from the fall.  I then learned about Bret’s musical genius and his work honoring veterans. This was no accidental meeting!  Judy and I look forward to thanking Bret again soon and listening to his music. We are also thankful for Clayton’s help!

Our lesson learned from this experience is that we are not youngsters anymore and have limitations.  Judy lost her balance and was wearing  walking shoes, not climbing shoes.  I was not by her side to help her when she fell.  I was taking the above photo just before she fell over backwards into a hole and landed wedged between two rocks, which was luckily a protected fall as opposed to falling head first.  We all value exercise in our later years…keeps you fit and feeling younger.  But please stay close to your partner when venturing into risky rock climbing or hiking in general.  And remember to wear the right shoes to avoid the prospect of slipping.  Judy and I are so grateful for the help from Bret and Clayton during this stressful time.  We made new friends to be sure, and thank them both for their kindness on that day.  As a tribute to Bret and Clayton, I am sharing Bret Lucich’s music video, “One Hero at a Time.”  We both have much in common with our mutual passion in supporting veterans who protect the freedoms we enjoy in America.

Steve Sparks, Author, Reconciliation: A Son’s Story and My Journey of Healing in Life After Trauma, Part 1…  Click highlighted text for my author page…

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