The Wonder of Cape Kiwanda

by | Jun 18, 2021

Cape Kiwanda. It was mating season for whales while we were here and there were several whales swimming close to the shore. It was a very surreal experience!
Cape Kiwanda

Judy and I were just up at Cape Kiwanda on a beautiful day a few weeks ago. You can read about that by clicking the above story, including YouTube clips of our fun at Pacific City…

The photos in this post from Parker Depper, made me want to return and go to this spot. The Central Oregon Coast is a never ending story of stunning beauty and surprises that take your breath away…

I think of how all the shapes and curves were made over millions of years. I wonder and dream about what it was like back then… And, who are we?

God speaks to me here. I can breathe and be mindful that this is really Heaven on earth. We can make it our spiritual place to be mindful of who we are as humans. I believe nature is the center of what life offers in Heaven on earth…

You and I are here for a nanosecond of time in space. I breathe, take in the wind and the sea, while gazing at the sea birds and Gray Whales nurturing their young ones close to shore…

Nature tells me stories of kindness and love. I believe we sometimes forget or not see, in our everyday short lived existence on this Earth, how Heaven is really right here. It’s what we make it, really, is it not?

I come home refreshed, feeling alive after our adventures to magnificent and spiritual places on the coast like Cape Kiwanda. There’s one thing certain. We always return and see and feel our souls again and again…

I feel God’s presence while taking in fully the beauty and serenity of the coast in special places like Cape Kiwanda. It is here I feel kindness and love in my heart. It is in these moments when I know we will be okay.

Steve and Judy Sparks
Children and Families in Life After Trauma
Who are we?

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