The White Tank Mountains Spirits Speak to My Soul…

by | Feb 3, 2023

Hohokam prople built the first irrigation canals in the valley…

“Eleven archeological sites, occupied during the time period A.D. 500-1100, were located within the boundaries of White Tank Mountain Regional Park. All of these sites can be attributed to the Hohokam Indians. The White Tanks were apparently abandoned by the Hohokam about A.D. 1100. There is no further indication of human occupation until the historic period, when the Western Yavapai controlled the area.”

Listen to the spirits speaking…

As I walked the trail to the falls, the spirits of indigenous people spoke to me. The petroglyphs at every turn on the trail have messages and stories that require imaginative and mindful inspection.

Petroglyphs tell the stories of our past indigenous people…

Imagine with me…

While hiking the Falls Trail, a few drawings stand out along the rocks. These drawings were left by nomadic people from around 500-1100CE. The Hohokam people used water management techniques to farm and occupy permanent settlements in the White Tank Mountains.

I stopped for the longest time to imagine what the Hohokam were sharing about their lives in that time so long ago. You can use your imagination, but there are some patterns to use as references.

Zoom in on the petroglyphs photo above. Look to the lower corner on the right. What do you see? I see a drawing of a person, probably male, participating in all the fun. Do you see it too?

Maybe this exercise is like “Finding Waldo.” Next, put your minds eye on the top of the petroglyph canvas. What do you see? I see lightning. Do you?

Click the link below to study the patterns. Go back to the petroglyph image above. Zoom-in to identify more symbols and their meaning. Learn about our ancestors directly. Let the petroglyphs speak to your soul.

Hohokam Petroglyphs Gallery and Falls Trail hike with Steve & Judy

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