The Warford Foundation…helping single mothers and military widow families…

by | Feb 6, 2013

Parthenia Warford is the Founder of The Warford Foundation. Helping others that are less fortunate is something that she loves to do…  Quote from this website…

“The mission of The Warford Foundation (TWF) is to expand the opportunities of single mothers and military widow families by increasing self sufficiency through scholastic growth and achievement. The Foundation reaches out to the military widows that lost their loved ones due to the current wars; as well as other single mothers. Our vision is to help military widows – who are often forgotten about after the funerals and other military rituals – as well as other single mothers that are also in need of financial assistance, to obtain an associate’s degree to become a registered nurse. The proceeds of the Foundation’s various events will go directly toward Project Impact Scholars Program established to assist with our efforts to help single mothers and military widows.”

I have a special place in my heart for the military family, military moms, especially the single military moms who lost a loved one to war.  There are temporary single military parents who manage while their partners or spouses are deployed.  My own mother, Marcella, was alone for all of WWII raising my oldest brother, Jerry. Dad was aboard the Battleship USS West Virginia when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  He was later assigned to the USS Belle Grove LSD2 for the remainder of WWII in the Pacific.  When Dad came home in June of 1945, my oldest brother was 4 years old and did not know his Dad nor had any chance to bond prior to the end of WWII.  I worry most about the children of military families who struggle with the challenges in life after war…as did our family for decades.

In our 21st Century post war generation, we see strong and passionate women like Parthenia Warford stepping up to lead the way again to make a difference for others in life after war… 

From the Warford Foundation mission statement…

Parthenia as a 20yr retired U.S. Army soldier, is familiar with the plight of the military spouse. The impact of having a spouse serving their country fighting this Nation’s was one day and being told the next day that you are now a widow with kids and no skills can be devastating. She saw this all around her during her 20 year career as an active duty non-commissioned officer and while serving as a single parent herself.”

Once experiencing the horror of war and life after war, a sense of urgency to help others and the passion to make a difference becomes part of your soul.  It is in the journey of healing that brings peace of mind by focusing on things larger than self.  Parthenia is clearly on a beautiful journey of healing each and every day.  She sets an example for all to follow with her love, passion, and leadership qualities.

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

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