The War Within: PTSD by Ginger Kadlec, published in “Project Eve…”

by | Jul 18, 2013

“Project Eve…Inspiring women reinventing their careers…”

“Project Eve challenges and inspires a new breed of innovative and creative women who are actively reinventing their careers and with it the future of business. With engaging articles and interactive tools, Project Eve motivates women to think beyond traditional boundaries, support one another, embrace change and view challenges as opportunities.”
The War Within: PTSD by Ginger Kadlec

The War Within: PTSD  quote from this website…

“I’m just beginning to learn more about PTSD thanks to one of my new social media connections, Steve Sparks. Steve is an engaged PTSD activist and has made it his life mission to raise awareness and knowledge of this disorder and help victims who suffer.”


Kudos to the exceptional leadership of women entrepreneurs of the 21st Century!  My life experience and career have shown me that there is huge potential in leadership capacity and creativity among women of all ages.  Women from my own career and generation of boomers, including my current work in community service and non-profits, take ownership and inspire others.  There is a level of tolerance among professional women that we do not always see in men.  Don’t get me wrong, I admire many professional men who are great leaders making a huge difference as entrepreneurs building a culture of success in their own field of work and personal life.  I also admire my boomer men and women friends and colleagues who continue to lead long after retirement, making big contributions to communities everywhere. 

I have seen women knocked down and pushed back during my life, including my own macho family culture during childhood and in my long business career.  As a young man moving up in my own professional career in the IT/telecommunications world, I could see the enthusiasm and drive among young women who were inspired to do more with their lives.  I brought them into my sales team, and WOW, what a difference this made in team performance!  The entire team performed far better with a good balance of gender, personalities, and skill sets.  Empowerment was a key factor in our success, and women often loved it more than men.  The biggest thing I noticed many years ago while in the prime of my own career, women professionals created a higher standard of team excellence, showing others how to be proactive and make it happen in the competitive world of telecommunications. 

So, in my zest to promote aspiring women (and men) of all ages to become entrepreneurs, I support the work of “Project Eve…Inspiring women reinventing their careers…”  It is also a pleasure to be given an opportunity through my own social media following to share the passion and creative works of Ginger KadlecThe War Within: PTSD, posted on the Project Eve blog.

Steve Sparks
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