The Roddy Ranch Wedding Venue Makes Dreams Come True…

by | May 28, 2022

I watched all week as Dan and Mary Beth Roddy worked tirelessly with great love and passion getting Roddy Ranch ready. It was time once again for another special wedding day on the Ranch.

Every inch of Roddy Ranch was on alert for inspection as Mary Beth marched around the place barking orders to Dan, and the rest of the clan. Sookie stood by helping her bark orders, and to keep an eye on Drago and Rizzo, while Dimple Dot, the Barn Kittie, looked on.

Sookie lay still in the driveway while Mrs. White guards gate. This is one hell if a team, the A Team.

This is a team effort like no other I’ve ever seen. I see Mary Beth power washing everything except here her favorite Swallow best. Dan is on various mowers suited for their specialized mowing assignments.

One mower, as Dan described the new technology, steers and turns on command avoiding mishaps and injury. “Safety first,” he said, with a serious smile while looking me straight in the eyes.

Dan is a rancher and farmer with a proud legacy from his childhood, growing up on the family farm and ranch in Trinadad, Wa., near Wenatchee. He takes great pride in Roddy Ranch. His pride and soul is forever part of this land. I could see and feel his soul as he got down on his knees and kissed the ground.

Along with Mary Beth’s firm but kind hand in leading the charge, stuff happens everyday to keep Roddy Ranch the most beautiful spot in Willamette Valley. We’ve explored much of the valley the last two weeks looking at farms and ranches along the old roads of the past, before I5. There was not another ranch or farm we could see like Roddy Ranch.

So much so, we booked a week next July. I want to celebrate my 77th birthday right here at Roddy Ranch on July 6, 2023.

See you next year. In the meantime, Roddy Ranch will be in our hearts until we return again.

Dan Roddy. “The Cable Guy” and everything else Roddy Ranch…
Mary Beth Roddy, Dan & Chigger, the wedding party greeter, in the parlor for some pampering before the guests arrive.

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