The Roddy Ranch Retreat Heals My Soul…

by | May 23, 2022

Mrs. White, The Gate Keeper

Mrs. White

Mrs. White greeted me at Mary Beth’s secret garden gate, where I could see her engaged lovingly in her passion and art. This garden is like no other I”ve ever experienced in my lifetime. Veggies and blooms prove the soil rich in minerals and tender loving care.

I see why Mrs. White is Mary Beth’s appointed gate keeper. She hates to be disturbed while making magic in this beautiful garden of veggies ‘n blooms.

Mrs. White wasn’t so sure whether or not to invite me in. So, I stood there quietly and observed, while listening to Robins sing nearby.

Moments later, Mary Beth looked up with a big smile and waved me through the gate. Mrs. White knew she could let me in for sure.

Listen to my conversation with Mary Beth and Dan in this short clip. It has been both healing and fun falling in love with Roddy Ranch and the Roddy family, especially Mrs. White, Sookie, Drago, & Rizzo. And, don’t miss my fun chat with Dan Roddy while he does his dedicated daily chores around the barn and corral, laughs ‘n all.

Not to mention the Roddy Family’s prize horses would be unforgivable. We’ll be a saying more in the coming days while we are here making friends with these seven beauties. Each of them bring so much love and charm to Roddy Ranch, and all of us too. I know they have already takin’ a likin’ to me. I heard them say so.

Their names include, Sylvia, Mo, Twinkie, Chigger, Lucy, Ruby Red, and Goldbar. It’s taken me awhile to know each and remember names that connect to the joy of friendship and love on the ranch.

The good neighborly neighbors

It was Susan who iinspired me the most. Sitting next to her was Sarah, her daughter, and a couple of young friends who seemed happy to join us. I met the next generation of the best and brightest who bring hope to me.

Susan inspires them too. She listens to them, hears their soul. She lets them be who they are, go on their own special journey. She empowers and enables young people to believe in themselves, dream their dreams and inspirations.

We met beautiful new friends last night. All of the Roddy Ranch neighbors bring heart and soul to this special spot in Willamette Valley,

I believe. Dan and Mary Beth are the best of the best hosts we can remember, the best neighbors too. We’ll be back next summer for more joy and goodness to share.

Mary Beth, Rizzo & Drago

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