The Roddy Ranch Pee Pot Story…

by | May 21, 2022

Chamber Pots were cool back then…

“In many homes, chamber pots served an important but humble purpose in the days before indoor plumbing. Instead of trekking out to the outhouse or privy in the dark, people would keep a chamber pot under the bed and use it as a place to relieve themselves at night. Some families may not even have had outhouses, making chamber pots the only option. You’ll find these items in antique stores and flea markets, and it’s fun to learn a little more about the fascinating history of chamber pots.”

Dan “The Man” Roddy preserves the legacy of Pee Pot Peetie…

The Pee Pot Tradition

The Roddy Ranch Pee Pot, picks up a different pace in life these days after a longer career than most Pee Pots.

Better known as, Pee Pot Peetie, this pee pot has a legacy, baggage ‘n all.

As told by Dan Roddy, Pee Pot Peetie came to this ranch in 1900. Peetie holds all the secrets to Roddy Ranch, long before Dan and Mary Beth showed up almost a century later.

Back then, Pee Pot Peetie carried everybody’s water ‘n other stuff, not to mention here. He was very busy back then when the house was being built around 1900.

There was no plumbing in those days, so Peetie was King of the Chamber duties, a full time job back then. “They were so poor back then, they didn’t have a pot to pee in,” until Pee pot Peetie show up one day.


Pee Pot Peetie had a family too. His siblings were stationed in a few spots convenient at a safe distance from the cabin, where the Red Roses bloom, and Honey Bees browse nearby.

Once the cabin was finished, the Pee Pot siblings found their way upstairs with Mom ‘n Dad. It was much safer for the siblings to be close by in case of an emergency at midnight.

By the time the Pee Pot siblings grew up, Chamber Pots were replaced with plumbing and a water tank with a chain that opened a flood gate to a new fandangled Chamber that looked suspicious. Pee Pot Peetie knew then that his days were numbered..

Growing up

The Pee Pot siblings were given up for adoption to some nice country folks who still had a need for them. I don’t believe the Roddy’s could track them down. Maybe they were sold at an antique shop.

Pee Pot Peetie was reassigned to a pie job. He now carries the kitchen veggie trimmings to the garden everyday, with Dan’s help, Peetie is old.

Looks like Pee Pot Peetie will be around for awhile doing what he loves to do best, and where he’s loved the most.

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