The new movie, “High Ground” shows how combat veterans begin the journey of healing in life after war…

by | Jul 31, 2012

“HIGH GROUND is the honest and gripping portrayal of 11 Afghan and Iraqi war veterans overcoming both physical and emotional injuries to summit the 20,000 foot-high Mount Lobuche led by blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer. These 11 men, representing nearly every branch of the military, risk everything for a chance to make it to the top and find emotional peace. HIGH GROUND won two awards after its premiere at the Boulder International Film Festival, and recently screened at the Seattle International Film Festival. moreless”

Invisible illnesses as in PTSD among combat veterans challenged with life after war, often requires treatment on the extreme side to break through barriers and begin the life long journey of healing.  Passion for achieving a hugely challenging goal of climbing a 20,000 summit to overcome both physical and emotional injuries is an extreme treatment measure, but very effective in repairing the soul of those suffering from exposure to extended combat or other severe traumatic events in life.  Once this goal is achieved and a sense of balance returns to the soul, combat veterans return to a much higher quality of life after war.  Climbing high peaks is just one way to find peace of mind from moral injuries.  Many physically demanding adventures can be pursued closer to home to achieve the same result.  It is important to find buddies with common interests and a desire to mentally prepare and to physically train for extreme sports that are possible.  Getting professional guidance from those who have experience is a must.

Watch the High Ground trailer and get a sense for this remarkable way of “feeding the soul” and returning to a healthy, happy, and productive life after war… 

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story 

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