The Museum of Military History touched me personally during my first visit…

by | Oct 25, 2012

New 10,000 sf Museum of Military History near Orlando, Florida  Quote from this website…

The mission of the Museum of Military History, Inc. is to educate,
increase awareness, build knowledge and understanding of the American military experience
through interactive, interpretive exhibits designed for visitors of all ages.
The museum strives to…
• enhance the public’s knowledge of the American Military Experience during wartimes over the past 100 years.
• fill a critical cultural and historical gap in Central Florida and therefore boost tourism in key markets that are currently being underrepresented.
• create more interest and understanding in the everyday solider and patriotism for today’s America.
• offer a venue with interactive displays and simulators for the public to enjoy, where they can learn about the sacrifices that were made to ensure the freedom of this nation.
• observe, honor, and promote all veterans and patriotic holidays in cooperation with local government and communities.
• provide an opportunity through membership and volunteerism for veterans to be a part of a world-class community organization.
Following is a note of appreciation to the Museum of Military History…
Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story
“Thank you for taking the time to introduce me to your unique and ground breaking Museum of Military History!  I am also honored to become a member of your most worthy and impressive museum honoring and supporting veterans; including the families who serve too, and each of the branches of America’s Armed Forces.  Your mission statement, including “awareness” of the cultural impact, history, and true costs of war touched me personally as a US Navy veteran and son of a WWII and Korean War veteran.
I am also proud and honored to share my non-fiction book, Reconciliation: A Son’s Story as a reading list reference and resource for the museum with the goal to promote your mission of “awareness,” especially the impact of war on families.  Although my story honors my father, Vernon H. Sparks and veterans of all wars, it is focused on the families of our veterans who do so much to support their loved ones while they serve and upon return to civilian life.  For many combat veterans like my father, the war never ended when they came home.  Veterans and their families lived and coped with the trauma of war, often in silence, and without adequate treatment for moral injuries suffered while in combat theater and in life after war.
As a new member, I am looking forward to making a difference in helping your non-profit in appropriate ways, including your planned grand opening event on November 9th.  I will also consider making available the contents of my book and research to assist the museum in developing future exhibits and presentations.  I also intend to write a specific posting for my blog,, to share the good work of the Museum.  You can also use my author page as a reference,  My publisher and friend, John McClure, CEO, Signalman Publishing is also a member of the Museum and has agreed to assist appropriately in representing my book.  Finally, we can connect on both Facebook and Twitter as well.
I’ll look forward to hearing from you regarding the details of your upcoming grand opening event on November 9th.”
All the best,
Steve Sparks

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Steve Sparks is a retired information technology sales and marketing executive with over 35 years of industry experience, including a Bachelors’ in Management from St. Mary’s College. His creative outlet is as a non-fiction author, writing about his roots as a post-WWII US Navy military child growing up in the 1950s-1960s.
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