The Monsoons Comin’ So What Does That Mean?

by | Jul 16, 2022

Ominous low clouds form with significant moisture, lightning & wind creating dust storms in the valley.

“The term “monsoon” describes large-scale wind shifts that transport moist tropical air to dry desert locations, such as the southwestern United States. A monsoon pattern also affects several other locations around the world including Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, and South America. The Indian Monsoon is the strongest in the world due to the height of the Tibetan Plateau.”

Who cares about Monsoons?

The Monsoon season brings life to the Sonora. Aquifers need a fill-up each year. It takes the flood gates to open, bringing huge amounts of precipitation to the dry desert valley.

The White Tank Mountains, as an example, store water in natural tanks. At certain times during the season, waterfalls can be seen for a few weeks during the Monsoon season.

Connecting the dots…

I believe the Earth and the Universe are connected in every way. As I learn about the natural connections of life, from the sea, mountains and desert, I see and feel a greater sense of how everything is connected, and it begins and ends with water.

Every living thing gravitates to water and a natural flow of our planet. If there is resistance to the winds of life, mankind pays the price in tragic outcomes.

It seems to me 21st Century man must learn much more about love, kindness, and empathy. If we do this, peace of mind will bring good health and wellness.

Indigenous people thrived

Learning from indigenous people has helped me greatly in understanding living in the moment with nature. Instead of fussing over the next thing to make us happy, look beyond the ground we stand on. Look to the sky. Feel the wind and the sea. Climb up to the highest peak and listen.

When all living things become connected to a life much larger than yourself, there is a sense of wholeness with the Universe. This is when the peace of mind we seek starts to appear with clarity with each breath of clean air. See how the dots start to connect.

Feel the natural flow of life within you, your body and soul. It’s hard work in progress, but worth living a more peaceful and loving life with nature.

Monsoon waterfall…
See the enormous power of Monsoons….

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