The meaning of Memorial Day… My journey of hope and healing…

by | May 22, 2013


Carry the Load…  Quoting from this website, “where the money goes.”

Meaning of Memorial Day…  Click on this heartwarming video clip…

Over the last year, two operators, one army and one navy, gave their lives while bringing the fight to the enemy. Tip of the Spear was able to immediately respond to requests for family support, providing transportation, lodging, and food during memorial services. Currently, TOS is engaged in providing support for an operator who was killed this past week in training (April 2013). This operator leaves behind a wife and two young children.”

“I want to express my undying gratitude for the assistance you recently provided my family in their time of need. Your organization came to our immediate aide… I can’t express how much it meant to

have all eight brothers and sisters reunited for

the solemn occasion of laying him to rest …

you now have a life-long friend.”

– Brother of Fallen


Memorial Day means so much more to me these days at the prime age of 66 than anytime in my life.  Since researching and writing my book in 2011, awareness of the legacy of war has increased exponentially.  This break through in compassion, passion, and understanding of life after war has been a blessing in many ways.  Most importantly, I can think about my parents and my childhood without feelings of anger and resentment.  I can honor my father’s WWII and Korean War US Navy service to America without hesitation and denial.  I can see my father in a different perspective as a man dedicated to serving his country.  I can see my mother as serving America too, and enduring much during her life as a military spouse and mom.  I can appreciate and honor veterans of all wars deeply without turning my back because of my own personal experience growing up as a military child.  The best part of my quality of life these days is feeling a peace of mind never experienced before now, and spending my days thinking about making a difference for others.  Awareness is the first step to healing from the invisible wounds of war, as a warrior and as a military family member or loved one.  There is also the knowledge that war is not the only reason for living with moral injury and the symptoms of PTSD…severe traumatic events take an emotional toll on millions of people all over the world for a variety of reasons.  The best way to help others is to start the journey of healing yourself if affected from a traumatic experience.  The personal healing is then fueled by making a difference for others through a campaign of awareness.  On this Memorial Day 2013 start the journey of healing by acknowledging those close to you who are in pain, perhaps even yourself.  Celebrate and remember veterans of all wars, 1st responders, and others who gave the ultimate sacrifice in serving America…  This is your time to remember all the heroes in your life who are no longer with us…

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story (click on this link to order my book or download Kindle version)

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