The Magic Of Deadhorse Ranch State Park, Cottonwood, Arizona…

by | Jun 14, 2022

Judy communing with nature…


Forgy forging & chatting with Steve ‘n Judy

Native Americans of the Sedona Region

By J. A. Young

‘The native influence on the Sedona area dates far back to when Paleo-Indians began to penetrate North America from Asia some twenty-five thousand years ago. Europeans would not begin to settle in Sedona until the late nineteenth century.”

Cave Dwellers keep cool at high noon….

“Forgy” the Lagoon Greeter (Great Grackle)

Forgy greeted me first while listening to the bird songs around the Lagoon. It felt like an amphitheater in this oasis in this high desert valley near Sodona. So peaceful and healing to me, it made my whole being come to life, it seemed.

AIl my senses came to life at once, as I listened to bird songs and felt the balmy warm breeze heal my body ‘n soul. It was Heaven, indeed, listening to my soul speak to me.

It was Forgy who spoke to me first from a distance singing a welcoming tune. As he was forging like shore birds do, I heard his voice say kindly, ‘hey dude, welcome to the Lagoon at Deadhorse Ranch. I’m proudly the Lagoon greeter. None of these other birds will volunteer for this job.”

Isn’t that the way it is in most communities? The best jobs are for the very few who spend their days making a difference for others. Forgy is good at showing others kindness and love, I felt his soul.

Check out the links, images and YouTube clips Judy and I made for all of you all to enjoy as much as we did. We’ll be back again soon. Hope you can visit sometime soon to feel your heart ‘n soul. Forgy will be there to greet you, to be sure.

“Great Tailed Grackle” at Deadhorse State Park Lagoon…

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