The Magic of Danzante Bay…

by | May 9, 2023

The World’s Aquarium

~ Jacques Cousteau

Sea of Cortez

My very first visit to Mexico was Tijuana in 1951. My father was sent to Korea to fight for another day. Along with some of my favorite uncles, aunts, cousins, we drove to Tijuana.

As a young surf dude in the 60s, it was a dream to drive down the Baja coast to Ensenada. The surf was fabulous unless the rocks ruined your day. sometimes bloody. I was stupid back then, while living in the moment. It was freedom!

I fell in love with Mexico to be sure in that time so long ago. Of all the adventures to Mexico since then, Loreto’s. Danzante Bay is like no other paradise we’ve gone crazy over. And, It’s relatively close to home in Buckeye, Arizona, about 1 hour 20 minutes direct flight from Phoenix

We stayed at Villa del Palmar for 2 weeks. “Just for us, on our 39th Anniversary,” we both cheered. This was yet another new adventure, maybe romance, too.

I had to spoil the pats on the back, hugs and kisses to celebrate our arrival. There is no question that God has had our backs for over 40 years. It was fate that I tripped on a high curve, even after Judy warned me, ouch, ouch, ouch!

This is when the whole place was alive with the most loving and kind people we couldn’t have imagined. The hotel staff, including nurse and EMT surrounded Judy and me with love and kindness and helped me get back on feet. “This is family for 2 weeks,” I whispered with a grin.

As I became transfixed on the beauty and magic of this land and sea, all the stressful human nonsense was pushed away to a safe distance. This was truly a very natural ‘mindfulness meditation’ gift. God was present to me. In this way my creative energy exploded without distraction. I could see and hear clearly to dream and write about this rare experience in paradise.

Villa del Palmar, with Judy’s beautiful smile

The land and sea speak to me

“The Sea of Cortez… The name alone evokes romance, call like a siren, promises glimpses of Shangri La.  It is a magical place, there’s no doubting it.  And it’s a biological wonder as well; one that has held the fascination of naturalists and adventurers since the Spanish sea captain Hernando Alarcón first sailed to the head of the Gulf in 1540.”

The very first thing I felt when arriving to Danzante Bay from the airport in Loreto was the solitude. It was quite and peaceful. Being hugged by the Universe is the best way to describe the serenity of this geological and biological wonder.

The bay and calm waters was new to me. Silence, no wave action whatsoever. It begs you to step in for the wading out without dropping off a deep shelf. The experience was spiritual to me. I felt the warm balmy breeze whisper past my face. It was a mindfulness meditation moment without any distractions. I was literally floating.

When the water came up to my waist, I knelt down for a good dunk. I could see the schools of Sardine swim by with their flashy style. From a distance a Pelican squadron was flying low as they scooped up lunch. Right behind us were a couple of Egrets (Heron) catching their share of a good day fishing in the bay.

When I stood up again there was silence. It looked like siesta time for these sea birds. I started gazing at the mountain range to the south and west. It was clear to me that there was a astronomical tectonic riff that separated Baja from the mainland. Learn more in the below link…

Healing your soul

Too many of us in one lifetime suffer from serious trauma, haunting the mind and soul with painful memories of the past. We know Veterans and 1st responders are at the top of the list of trauma risk, including their families.

In my experience, it is the natural environment that heals my soul. Long before I learned of my own PTSD and depression, the sea brought me peace. I would grab my surfboard and head out where it felt safe. It was inside the tube that freedom was true. I could feel God’s presence in these moments.


Everything we experienced with others during our two weeks in Loreto and Danzante Bay was always with kindness and a smile. There was a helping hand in every encounter from staff and with friendly visitors. Many guests were older folks as we are, kindred spirits, indeed.

The highlight of our stay was taking a boat ride to the Danzante and Carmen Islands. If the guests and new friends who came along didn’t come to my aid to help get me in the boat, we would’ve missed this once in a lifetime experience. Go to the YouTube clips below and feel the balmy breezes and the sea with us.

To be kind is the truest way to show love, respect and empathy for others. Kindness is infectious. Being kind to yourself and others lights up the day. One of my favorite quotes from an old friend, Gene Sharratt. “Be sure to think a good day, plan a good day, put good into each day.” That’s kindness.

Adventure and Romance

Judy and I celebrated 39 years of marriage on this trip. I believe our many years together as loving partners has been driven by a shared vision of making decisions that include adventure and romance first. We have been to so many special places together and the memories are full of adventure and romance, and not necessarily in that order.

Loreto Market Place

Villa del Palmar, Danzante Bay
Loreto Baja Sur

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