The loss of “trust” destroyed my post WWII & Korean War family unit!

by | Feb 3, 2014

Trust is critical in a strong family culture..

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Trust issues in life after trauma…  Quote from this website article by

“One of the most complex human emotions is trust. Trust is the strong belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something. Trauma can disrupt the emotion of trust, and this can have a lasting impact on a person’s life.”


While attending a workshop a couple of years ago, I openly became highly emotional when one of the presenters started talking about the importance of “trust.”  Somehow deep inside of me it was a huge trigger for sadness.  I was with a group of folks who had built trust among ourselves as a team for about 6 months, so my level of comfort with becoming emotional at times seemed safe.  But this time, I actually broke down in tears, trembling like something profoundly sad just happened.  Just the awareness and reminder of how critical trust is in any relationship, especially a family unit, hit me hard.  My dysfunctional family was destroyed because there was virtually no trust in our home…

I write in my book how we found our corner of the house to protect and hide from all the emotional upheaval and scary circumstances.  We didn’t trust each other as siblings.  We didn’t trust Mom & Dad to protect us. We assumed that it was a good idea to find ways to protect ourselves from harms way.  We didn’t trust other kids or our neighbors either.  It felt like a conspiracy to keep us all under control because we were so outrageous and lacked discipline. The bottom line is kids inhale the pain of parents and blame themselves for all the apparent problems and crises day in and day out.

Because of the importance of this topic, please go to the link above and read the entire article.  I want to emphasize the critical need to nurture trust in all relationships, especially at home with your children and loved ones…  It takes a long time to build trust, and it takes even longer to rebuild trust once compromised…  I want to go back to the subject of trust and my experience in discovering the joy and value of trusting others in adult life in another posting.  Stay tuned…

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