The Beauty and Love of Uganda

by | Feb 10, 2022

Rev. Godfrey Byamukama, from Mpungu, County of Kanungu, So. District, Uganda


  • The fear of God is the beginning of Knowledge and wisdom
  • Obedience and patience give good rewards
  • Being born from a poor background doesn’t mean failure in life and education
  • Suffering doesn’t mean the end of life.
  • God has the full picture and destiny of every person


Rev. Byamukama Godfrey

Community Health Empowerment Coordinator

Diocese of Kinkiizi

Mutual love of community building

I have come to know Godfrey in recent weeks. He reached out to me when I needed a friend like no other time in recent years.

I published this article in my worst moments of sadness and despair recently. It came to me after experiencing a most hurtful experience in my community. This happened at a time when it was most shocking and unexpected.

I was very very angry. The terrible event made me cry and experience sadness to the deepest places in my heart and soul. I wrote this, then, while trying to move beyond my anger.

Godfrey and I struck up a conversation on WhatsApp that continues to this day. Sometimes we chat for the longest times about many things we both care about deeply.

We talk of love and kindness mostly, healing and mindfulness living. We talk of community building and a spiritual life.

Godfrey is a devote Christian, a pastor of his church in Mpungu, a beautiful village in the mountains of Kanungu County.

The population of Mpunga is around 1000. They are tea farmers too. A beautiful loving people, indeed.

After-school project

I’m now helping Godfrey build an after-school business model he can drive from the ground up to win grant funding. He is building a charity non-profit organization as an extension of his church. His community will name this new community non-profit, “Godfrey Byamukama Survivors Foundation for Community Health Empowerment.”


All this heart and soul work happened in less than 7 days as a loving and heartfelt conversation between us. I think we are great friends now.

I believe in Godfrey and his dream of rising up and leading his people to a better place in health, happiness, love for community, and a sustainable future.

How about that for a week of labor of love and friendship? I say to Godfrey like an old pal once said to me, “dream big, Steve, dream big, my man!”

Dream big, Godfrey, dream big, indeed, dream big, my man!

Steve & Judy Sparks
Children and Families in Life After Trauma (CFLAT)

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