The Balmy Sonora Winds Heal My Soul…

by | Aug 21, 2022

Sun City Festival (Buckeye), Ariz. New digs…

Healing my soul…

We did it, we made it happen, Judy ‘n me. “Are we too old,” I asked Judy as we were preparing to leave the Central Oregon Coast. She paused for what seemed like a deep dive in her head on this question.

“Well,” she said in her soft calming voice. “Instead of thinking too much about why we might be nuts, let’s go find out. Maybe being crazy is a good thing for us. Otherwise dreams are lost forever.”

Life on the Sonora Desert…

When we first moved here officially almost two months ago, I started feeling changes in my body ‘n soul. Never once did I anticipate a dramatic change so quickly, but knew my health would improve.

Now that we’ve settled into our permanent Sonora Desert pad, my mind is processing the new and positive. The whimpers of intrusive thoughts by too many demons of the past now seem to be at a safer distance than I can remember. It feels great, believe me.

The Monsoons bring much needed rain to the Sonora. It’s fun to watch the lightning shows and listen to the thunder as the torrential rains dump buckets of precipitation. Staying under cover is the safest bet to stay safe.

Mental health is a work in progress

Maya Angelou… “There is no greater agony than bearing the untold story inside of you”

Engaging with others in transparent and vulnerable ways is the first step in healing. Be honest about your pain, but also listen to the struggles of other friends and loved ones. Keep talking when the timing is appropriate for positive conversation.

Always allow your heart and soul to heal. Give yourself permission to heal and move past denial. When that happens, you’ll keep emotional pain at a safe distance. Remember it’s a work in progress with a few bumps and bruises that heal too.

Most importantly, put yourself in a good place mentally and physically. Engaging with kindred spirits, not the demons that bring your soul down, offers the best opportunity for a more peaceful life. Living in the moment is the prize we all seek in healing hearts and souls.

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