“The Aging Veteran & PTSD and How It Affects You…” Listen to Debbie Sprague, Family of a Vet… Blog Talk Radio…

by | Sep 10, 2013

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How do aging warriors change? And how it effects you as a loved one…  click on this link and listen to Debbie Sprague’s heartwarming talk… Debbie Sprague is author of Stranger in my Bed. click to order…

“Is your parent, spouse or a loved who has served in combat beginning to change as they get older?  Not the common changes that we think of with aging, but things like nightmares, anger outbursts, or hyper-vigilance?  Is this creating changes in you as well?  Join Family of a Vet Blog Radio Show Host Debbie Sprague to learn about PTSD and the aging Veteran, and how these changes can effect the spouse and family.”

Debbie Sprague’s soft spoken and soothing voice takes you through a friendly and healing discussion of her own experience living and coping with an aging Vietnam War Veteran who’s combat stress emerged later in life with severe symptoms of PTSD.  I know from my own experience that following retirement, including significant life changes, the emotional pain from experiencing traumatic events in life can be exacerbated.  Debbie, as a spouse exposed to the toxic world of PTSD, acquired similar symptoms as her husband referred to as “secondary PTSD.”  When Debbie learned from Family of a Vet that she was not alone it was a huge turning point.  Debbie started her journey of healing and found treatment strategies that helped herself and her husband…saving their marriage.  Take some quality time to listen to Debbie Sprague’s story.  The value of awareness is significant and provides the listener with hope and healing…  Her story certainly rings a few bells with me and reinforces my own journey of healing…
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