Thanksgiving 2015 in Bucerius, Mexico…Love Prevails in the Hearts & Minds of the Mexican People.

by | Nov 26, 2015


Mexican Culture…Love, Kindness, and Respect…


Suites Costa Dorada, Bucerius, Mexico…


Bucerius Community…view from Suites Costa Dorada

Mexican Family Culture…Love, Kindness & Respect…Family Traditions…

Rites of Passage

“Young, Mexican females are honored on their 15th birthday with a quinceaneracelebration. The party is full of emotion as the girl’s father ceremoniouslyexchanges her flat, childish style shoes for a demure pair of modestly high-heeled shoes to denote her passage into womanhood. The event is full of sentiment as the young woman dances with her father and the guests look on.

Another touching Mexican cultural tradition is the matrimonial golden coin ceremony. The groom bestows his betrothed with 13 golden coins as a gesture of his trust in her to treasure and care for him and his possessions. Her acceptance of the coins signifies her devotion to love, respect and nurture him.”


Judy and I celebrated a peaceful and restful Thanksgiving in Bucerius, Mexico (click this link) for the year 2015.  We have been here 3 weeks on this day and are giving much thanks for our life together and for all of our blessings.  Although we miss our children and quality family time on this day, we are in the middle of great family tradition in Mexico.  I am constantly reminded of what is good in the world while experiencing and observing the children and families of Mexico, especially in this beautiful beach community.  We discover and experience here what we rarely see or hear in the news back home…love, kindness, and respect for all…hate is not allowed!  We feel totally safe walking the streets and enjoying the people, fine food, art galleries, and festive atmosphere.  Unlike some areas where drug cartels reign, we do not see armed military guards or police presence nor citizens acting out with protests and anger toward each other.

I believe this wonderful place, Bucerius, Mexico, is a snapshot of the world in general.  It is a small minority of people, no matter where one travels around the globe, that truly feel hate.  There is despair and poverty everywhere, including Mexico in a big way.  From my perspective, the people and cultures of the world typically have strong family traditions like Mexico.  We are all challenged daily with a myriad of survival issues that create significant stress.  But by and large love prevails in the hearts and minds of children and families everywhere we go.  So, we give thanks on this Thanksgiving day of 2015, and wish the very best to our family and friends back home, and to all the Mexican people and amigos here in Bucerius who have helped to make our visit so special…

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