Honor Veterans of All Wars at the 12th Annual Celebration of Honor at Chinook Winds Casino, Lincoln City, Oregon!

12th Annual Celebration of Honor, September 23-27, Chinook Winds Casino, Lincoln City, Oregon



Celebration of Honor, Chinook Winds Casino, Lincoln City, Oregon!

Presented by Chinook Winds Casino Resort

An event to honor Active Duty Personnel and Military Veterans September 23-27, 2015

  • Field of Honor (1,000 Flags)
  • Cost of Freedom Tribute
  • Oregon Travelling Memorial Wall
  • American Infantry Soldier Camp
  • Vets Helping Vets HQ Wall

Veterans and Active Duty Personnel Receive a Free Buffet on Thursday, September 24, 2015

For more information, contact Bill John at 1-888-244-6665 ext. 5815 or Heather Hatton at ext. 5766



Veterans of Oregon Honorable Service Medal

I was honored to receive the Veterans of Oregon Honorable Service Medal at the 10th Annual Celebration of Honor in 2013.  Having served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War era back in the mid 1960’s, it was not easy for me to honor my own military service until later in life.  When we came home from serving during and after the Vietnam War, it was a time when veterans were not honored and respected like we are today.  Like millions of other veterans of that time long ago, we took off our uniforms and moved on with our lives, avoiding any discussion or acknowledgement of military service.  The sad fact for many warriors of that time, is we never had the opportunity to heal and to honor the sacrifice of so many who protected the freedoms we all enjoy in America.  Vietnam veterans are most honored and proud of serving America and spend much time in retirement these days serving America again by honoring and supporting veterans of all wars.  The Oregon Coast Veterans Association is one such non-profit organization that goes the extra mile to support all veterans throughout the year, including during the Celebration of Honor.  Please join your fellow veterans and all Americans who will honor and give thanks to veterans of all wars this week at the 12th Annual Celebration of Honor, at Chinook Winds Casino, Lincoln City, Oregon…

Steve Sparks, US Navy Veteran, Author, Blogger, and Child Advocate

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“Flame of Hope” Albuquerque – Honors Vietnam Veterans and POW’s…

Flame of Hope – Albuquerque, New Mexico Eternal flame monument to all those who served in the Vietnam Conflict in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Flame of Hope…Albuquerque, New Mexico… QLong Description:
Eternal flame monument to all who served in the Vietnam Conflict. The plaque on the monument reads:

Flame of Hope

A flame burns on this spot and in the hearts of
the people of the state and nation as a reminder
of the sacrifices of those who have served in the
Vietnam Conflict.

The prisoners of war and those missing in action
in the conflict are not and shall not be forgotten
by their countrymen, their loved ones or their
comrades in arms. Our hopes and prayers for their
safe return burn as brightly as the flame above.

Those who have given their lives under the call of
their country are enshrined in our heart forever.

Presented and dedicated in deep appreciation
by the city of Albuquerque, the New Mexico
chapter of the American Fighter Pilots
Association and Concerned, Inc.


Judy and I took our first morning walk in Albuquerque and came upon the referenced memorial to Vietnam Veterans.  Everywhere we go in Albuquerque, there are beautiful memorials to veterans of all wars to help us as a community to honor our heroes and heal from the overwhelming loss of lives and the on-going post war suffering.  The “Eternal Flame of Hope” is a highlight of this memorial and has special meaning to the children and families of warriors.  This memorial also honors POW’s and MIA’s, offering hope for their safe return home.

Steve Sparks, Author, My Journey of Healing in Life After Trauma, Part 1 and Reconciliation: A Son’s Story…

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