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“I’m Fine!” What does that mean?

Have you ever wondered the real meaning of “I’m fine!”? Pause, pause…

“I’m fine” is the consequence of stigma. Most who suffer from even average emotional challenges are all too often shunned in society. So much so that going untreated and not shared with others will often grow worse.

Other unhealthy ways like alcohol and drugs will be the outlet. And why we as intelligent humans allow this to happen?

We are not open to what is considered a scary and uncomfortable conversation for most. In fact a trigger for others who need to talk in a safe place.

Once untreated serious depressive symptoms appear, suicide becomes a much higher risk, especially for white males in 70s. Find out why?

Please think about the unintended consequences. Ask yourself if your friend, loved one or colleague needs help. Just listen and build trust, no hurry. Take a Mental Health FirstAid USA class. You can make a difference and save lives…

Judy and Steve Sparks, SparksAssociates, “Building Healthy Communities w/Love.”

“Mission 22!” Why 22 Veterans Commit Suicide Everyday?


Join Mission22.com and help save the lives of veterans…

Mission 22…  Click and watch this powerful 1 minutes video clip…you can save a life…quote from this website…

Published on Oct 21, 2014

Join the mission to end veteran suicide: www.Mission22.com.

Each day, 22 veterans commit suicide. But you can give them the hope and encouragement they need. Each 22 you post, share or tweet lets them know they have an army behind them. Join the mission at Mission22.com and help us win the war against veteran suicide.


This powerful video triggered memories of my own father, who often had scary nightmares that came suddenly without warning.  I remember Dad yelling, “Japs, Japs, Japs!,” and the loud noise of his fists punching holes in the wall of his bedroom.  My Dad was suicidal for a long time following WWII and Korean War where he served in hard combat during multiple deployments in the US Navy.  My mother’s dedication to his needs at her own risk and sacrifice no doubt saved his life.  Many combat veterans find themselves alone without hope and take their own lives…22 veterans of all ages commit this final act each and every day of the year.

Help save the lives of your loved ones and friends who are suffering from moral injury and PTSD.  Click on the YouTube video and join Mission22.com.  You can make a difference and help save the life of a veteran you know…

Steve Sparks, Author, Reconciliation: A Son’s Story and My Journey of Healing in Life After Trauma… Click on the highlighted text for my author page…