“Ollie and Olivia” Oystercatchers of Little Whale Cove…

“Ollie and Olivia” Oystercatcher friends at Depoe Bay, Oregon… Photo by Cecil E. Kennedy
“Olivia” Photo by Cecil E. Kennedy

Black Oystercatcher ‘Haematopus bachmani’ in Depoe Bay, Oregon. There were at least 2 dozen of them twittering loudly. Photos taken February 17 2021, somewhat got carried away and took lots of pictures 😍😀😍 Cecil E. Kennedy


“Ollie and Olivia,” my Oystercatcher friends, live happily on the basalt cliffs of Little Whale Cove on rare days when seen. Both appear together watching their nest while the other searches for little morsals while the tide is low…

I love to watch Ollie and Olivia play and bathe in the tide pools on the balsalt cliffs near the sea. If we get too close, Ollie screams loudly at us while Olivia protects the nest near shore…

Hawks and Eagles stay clear, and so do we. Ollie and Olivia seem to play and bathe without fear…

Ollie and Olivia look black-and-white from a distance, with a bright orange-red bill. Their back and wings are brown, with a black head and breast, white underparts, red long beaks, and red eyes too…

I look for a white wingbar and white tail base when Ollie flys by. Olivia looks on with watchful eyes…

Ollie and Olivia probe sandy and stony areas for clams, oysters, and other delicious things. They open them by cutting or smashing with sharp long beaks.

Much of Ollie and Olivia’s day is spent resting in roosts during high tide on the cliffs near the shore. They are vigorous, and very loud, during courtship displays,

Territorial conflicts, and interactions with intruders keep both Ollie and Olivia busy all day. They keep their families safe from birds of prey…

When I walk by the cliffs near the sea, Ollie and Olivia are not always at play. I look each day for their beautiful long beaks and red eyes…

I love Ollie and Olivia, my Oystercatcher friends, who live in harmony by the sea… Both love me too as they see me walk by in peace and harmony with the sea…

Steve Sparks, Author, Blogger, Mental Health Advocate,..and aspiring artisan…

“Froggy” The Christmas Spirit, Part 2…

Froggy, Algee Bear and GI Joe Bear

Home for the Holidays!

Part 1 quote…as a segue to part 2 of this series… https://survivethriveptsd.org/2020/12/froggy-the-homeless-christmas-spirit-and-algee-bear/

“Froggy felt he was home, no longer scared and lonely. Gi Joe Bear felt the same.. They both talked with hope and joy for a better future.

Algee Bear helped Froggy find a new home with loving foster parents who took him in for good. He was so sad to say good bye to his pal, GI Joe Bear.

Algee Bear found GI Joe Bear a veterans home in Lebanon, south of Portland. GI Joe Bear would find a caring home and health care for his wounds from war.

Froggy was loved again and finally home…”

Froogy’s new foster home…Depot Harbor

On Christmas Day, Algee Bear, took Froggy for a short drive north on 101 to the little coastal town of Depot Harbor.

Froggy’s new foster parents were Cathy and Matt Biggs, who also were life long residents of Depot Harbor.

Algee Bear gave Froggy the amazing story of Depot Harbor…great fishing, pirates, rum runners and more… as they drove north past Beverly Beach and over Cape Foulweather.

“Even Sir Francis Drake visited Depot Harbor way back in the 17th Century when greated by curious fearful indigenous folks,” Algee Bear would say proudly. Native American traditions and heritage have a strong influence on the Central Oregon Coast.

Froggy met his new foster parents, Cathy and Matt Biggs, at the Newport shelter for homeless children the night before.

But Froggy couldn’t understand why anybody would want him. “I’m so ugly!” He thought sadly. Algee Bear hugged him when they stopped for a look at the scenic turn off at Otter Crest, a beautiful rain forest senic view on the coast.

Froggy felt really good vibes. But was worried that all of this was a dream. “Maybe, I’m in Heaven?” Froggy wondered…

Froggy was startled as they approached the bridge to the small fishing village of Depot Harbor…

“The Smallest Harbor in The World,” Algee Bear yelled out with excitement as they crossed the bridge into town. “Can I go swimming in the pond,” Froogy asked with a curious look.” “No, not today,” Algee Bear would say with a kind smile.

Froggy finally arrived at his new home in Depot Harbor. He loved being close to the waterfront. “Think I could hang out here?” Froggy croaked.” “Yes, but you need to stay on the sea wall and not the walkway,” Algee Bear warned him with a serious look.

A winter storm was raging with big waves splashing over the sea wall. Froggy loved the spray and wanted to jump out. “You’ll get blown away,” Algee Bear cautioned as they made a right turn on Collins Street.

His new foster parents, Cathy and Matt Biggs, lived up Collins Street, a block or so. It was across the street from “The Chowder Place n Brew Pub.”

The Chowder Place n Brew Pub is known for it’s secret chowder recipe, celebrated and sold coast to coast, south and north, all over America.

“Little Whale Cream Ale is my favorite brew,” Algee Bear remarked. But you’ll have to wait for that,” she added. Froggy looked at her and thought about root beer.

“Do they have root beer with ice cream,” Froogy asked with excitement and anticipation.

“The Chowder Place n Brew Pub is the best!” Algee Bear remarked as they they crossed the bridge into town. And a root beer float is a favorite too,” she further exclaimed.

Algee Bear also picked Depot Harbor for Froggy because he could attend the local middle school and after school programs in the same town. He would soon learn about school and make new friends.

Froggy couldn’t wait…

Cathy Biggs grew up in Depot Harbor. Her father, Mark Kramer, was a charter boat captain and owner of Kramer Charters.

Depot Harbor was a famous fishing village. Folks came from all over the globe to fish and enjoy the beauty of the Oregon Coast.

It was also the home of the US Coast Guard’s finest…

The Kramer family helped dredge the shallow harbor back in the day. The fishing fleet and tourist business was the town’s legacy.

“Some of the best ling cod, snapper, salmon and halibut come from the Central Oregon Coast: Depot Harbor is the go to spot,” Algee bear would say pointing her finger at the fishing boats in the tiny harbor.

Froggy still thought the ‘pond’ would be a good place to hang out. He wanted to learn more about the harbor, charter boats and go for a swim.

Cathy’s brothers Liam and Paul along with her pop, Mark, ran the charter business. Cathy managed all the financials. She was also Depot Harbor’s elected Mayor.

The Kramer family had a long tradition of community service. Cathy and Matt continued this legacy. But they could not have kids. Froogy would be their first child.

“Algee Bear told me a whole lot about Depot Harbor,” Froggy thought with appreciation while they pulled up to the house.”

Cathy and Matt welcomed Froggy with love and kindness he never felt before. Tears flowed from his eyes when Cathy hugged him first. Then, Matt…

“Matt was a cool dude too!” Froggy thought with love and hope shining through his wide wrinkled smile

Froggy instantly saw the beautiful Christmas tree, decorated with blinking red, white, and blue lights. There were presents wrapped with red bows that looked like 💕 hearts too.

Froggy also saw the baby Jesus with Joseph and Mary under the tree. The 3 wise men were watching as the baby Jesus was held closely by his mom, swaddled in cloth.

Froggy missed Santa a lot, but his new home felt like a dream come true. He knew Santa would return again next year like he does every year no matter what.

“Thank you! thank you!” Froggy screamed with joy. He was so happy to be home for Christmas.

Froggy never felt like this before, except with Santa, Algee Bear, and GI Joe Bear. “Maybe this would be home forever” Froggy thought with a big smile and grin.

Froggy was finally home. He hugged Algee Bear, and thanked her for saving his life. Algee Bear then left to celebrate Christmas with her family in Newport.

“Merry Christmas everybody!” Algee Bear waved as she drove off. This would not be last time Froggy would see Algee Bear.

This was just the beginning of a long friendship with “Froggy” The Christmas Spirit and Algee Bear.

Steve Sparks, Author, Blogger, Mental Health Advocate

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Part 3 is in the works! Maybe a New Years celebration in Depot Harbor…

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!