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by | Jun 15, 2013

Steve Sparks

The absent father on Fathers Day…  Quoting Barack Obama from this website…

“There are single parents all across the country who do a heroic job raising terrific kids,” he said. “But I still wish I had a dad who was not only around, but involved; another role model to teach me what my mom did her best to instill.”
I have been an absent Dad in my life and regret it very much.  There are too many absent fathers for various and often questionable reasons every day of the year, not just on Fathers Day.  There are too many single mothers who do a fabulous job every day loving and raising their children under some tough circumstances.  I believe most of these kids grow up as happy and healthy adults but do carry baggage.  The countless absent fathers like me during those really critical early childhood years reflect often on the guilt and sadness connected with not being there every day  for my little girls…  The bonding so important to a strong and healthy relationship between children and parents can be lost for a lifetime and very challenging to build as children get older.  I know we all try, but there is no easy answer to making up for what seems like the impossible.  There is no going back or a redo.  The only answer is don’t give up…  The extended family culture is here to stay.  Keep trying to be the best Dad on the planet, absent or not.  We absent Dads have to try to work double time to connect with our kids every day of the year, not just on Fathers Day… 

Steve Sparks
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