Steve Sparks, Author, Blogger, Mental Health Advocacy

Sarah, Judy and Steve… The Sparks clan from Icicle River Valley

Judy Sparks, my beautiful bride of 36 years, was out on the Little Whale Cove coastal trail Halloween night at sunset. Judy loves the alone time. We are so lucky to be tucked away in this heavenly place. We are grateful as seniors in this special last chapter of our lives together. We are lucky to have made this beautiful life together…

I cried when she said with love and hope in her soft and kind voice, “I feel there is a new dawn coming soon, my love.” I believe her from deep in my heart, as she told me, “it’s going to be okay for our kids.” I’m a lucky old dude, indeed…

Right now hug the person in your life that makes you feel this way. Hold them closely for awhile. It will be okay for all of us, a new dawn is coming soon.

“You may not run from the thing you are. While sunny days and endless palms have graced my life for the past 3 years, Oregon again whispers my name. It’s not that I love to leave, but staying here was completely impossible. When I left Oregon I was searching. I believe your soul arises and you let it; or you don’t. I’ve always chosen to follow her wayward path, if only to see where it leads. This path has led me to beautiful souls that have burnt imprints on my heart.” Sarah Elizabeth Sparks

Sarah Elizabeth Sparks