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The Mission… “Empower and Enable Others to be Champions” Steve and Judy Sparks

“We” leaders live for others. “I” leaders live only for themselves. Steve Sparks

“Some folks look down, can’t see past their belly button. Most folks I know look up at the stars and dream…” Steve Sparks

“Be sure to “think a good day.  Plan a good day.  Put good into each day.” Gene Sharratt

“Cross Pollinization Breeds Success and Sustainability” Steve Sparks… Cascade Head Oregon Goldenrod

I’ve had people in my career say I was worth a whole lot more than I was getting paid, but never how much. “The sky is the limit,” we’d say. I believe your self worth is in your heart and soul… Steve Sparks

Steve Sparks LinkedIn Profile “I’ve always been humbled by success. Now I know that’s a good thing.” Steve Sparks email

Steve’s value proposition… “The Triple Aim

Deep understanding of for-profit and non-profit business management.

Effectively leverages and scales resources while networking to accomplish strategic goals.

Strong leadership qualities and facilitator.

Highly persuasive professional style…passionate.

Compelling approach makes it easy for an organization to move forward in an informed, inspired, and make it happen direction.

Builds collaboration and vision.

Creates an atmosphere of positive energy and ownership.

Excites people to rally around ideas and delivers results.

Steve Sparks, Author, Blogger, Mental Health Advocate Steve Sparks YouTube channel…

From the right…Sarah, Judy, Steve and our beloved Mocha on the Wenatchee River near Leavenworth, Wa c1997… Tap our family portrait to learn more about our homestead of 15 years and where Sarah Sparks grew up.

“Finding My Soul in Icicle Valley” a new memoir in the works! Follow my progress…

Icicle River at 8 Mile Rd

Steve’s Favorite Leadership Quotes…
Highly recommend!

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