“South Depoe Bay Creek Nature Trail…” A Well kept secret?

by | Jun 30, 2013

City of Depoe Bay, Oregon…  Click on this website…

Depoe Bay History


Depoe Bay ocean viewfrom website…
“Before the arrival of early homesteaders, coastal Indian tribes speaking nearly 20 different languages including Chinook, Salishan, Suislaw, and Alsea lived in the general area. The natural harbor in Depoe Bay was used for seal hunting and fishing. There were many streams in the area, which provided an abundance of fish. The rugged coastline in area of current-day Depoe Bay had beautiful features such as Arch Rock, the spouting horns, sea cliffs and terraces, many caves, and a subterranean fresh water lake, but was lacking in easy access to sandy beaches.”

South Depoe Bay Creek
Sweet Judy & Grand dog Skai while hiking the “South Depoe Bay Creek Trail…”
There are more secrets in Depoe Bay, Oregon than we already knew!  Judy and I had a beautiful healing experience today while taking grand dog Skai for a hike on the “Creek Trail” at the far end of Depoe Bay City Park…  Sounds hard to get there to me!  But all you have to do is walk to the trail entrance at the east end of the City Park.  The trail follows the creek into an old cedar rain forest where the great salmon used to roam.  It is like walking into an enchanted forest…no kidding…  Judy couldn’t stop talking about it today.  Skai is still smiling while passed out in his bed.  And now,  I have to write and tell about it to all of our friends and family…  I hope you are as excited about all this as much as we are!
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