Sookie Suits Me Just Fine at Roddy Ranch…

by | May 17, 2022

Sookie sooths my soul. Sookie suits me just fine.

Dan Roddy, “Dan the Man.” owner, Roddy Ranch, Albany, Oregon
Making friends with Sylvia, Mo & Twinkie

It was a day too long for 2 old souls and bodies that don’t hold up like they used to. By some miracle, only God knows, we arrived around 2am Sunday morning at Roddy Ranch in Albany, Oregon.

Just when we thought our torturous journey was behind us, I watched Judy frantically looking for the code to enter the gate to this beautiful place we so longed for.

“Call Dan,” I said, with a groan of despair in my voice. But, she wanted to search through her purse one last time to find the code on a piece of paper that found it’s way into the dark chambers of a purse, that never seemed like a safe place to keep stuff important, at least to me.

As we struggled up the flight of stairs to the little bungalow waiting for us to arrive, we both felt like this was heaven, and it was. I don’t even remember getting to bed and falling fast asleep. Judy was right behind me. Getting our bags up the stairs was a stretch, that could wait until the morning Rooster call.

It was Mr. Cocky Rooster who greeted us first around 7am, after just a few hours sleep, and no desire to rise up for the day.

There was a knock at the door, just passed 8 am. I heard the furry loved ones barking during their morning chase around the farm, while doing their business before breakfast.

I was greeted by Sookie, a beautiful, kind Boxer with a smile, kiss and a hand shake. “Welcome to Roddy Ranch,” she said, with a soft bark and a kiss on my hand.

Sookie and I became fast friends, she showed me around the place after giving me a pitch on the ranch amenities. Furry loved ones are the very best greeters, making us feel welcome and adored.

Owners, Dan and Mary Beth Roddy welcomed us shortly after Sookie finished her part of the warm welcome. We knew then, this was exactly the Heaven we so craved for after leaving the coast after 17 years. A perfect place for renewal while we would contemplate our journey to Sun City Festival, Arizona.

Expect more inspiration and musings from me from Roddy Ranch in the coming days. I hear the Swallows singing love songs, as they build their mud nests in spots pre-designated by Dan, who knows how to keep them in check.

I see one big happy family here on the farm where furry loved ones, and wildlife friends live in harmony and love at Roddy Ranch in beautiful Willamette Valley, where Blueberries and Hazelnuts grow.

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