Sookie Came By To Say Hey Today…

by | Aug 13, 2023

Sookie made my day brighter today…

Yesterday was a good day. Today was, well, a not so good day, until Sookie came by to say hay to me, while I was sitting on the porch. She touched my soul.

Sookie sat there and grinned at me after looking back to see if Mary Beth gave her the green light. She doesn’t want to disappoint her best friend, not ever.

Sookie made friends with me the very day we arrived. We became fast friends and chat most days. She is a better listener than me by a long shot.

Sookie has empathy too. She knew I was down today, unlike yesterday. Furry friends know when your happy or sad, I believe.

When Sookie put her paws on my lap gently with a little nudge, I knew what she hoped I would do. She said, “please,” too.

I rubbed Sookie’s ears the most. She told me Mary Beth rubs her ears like that everyday. Her ears seem to dance with joy while my finger tips massaged them. She points me to the exact spot where it feels the best.

After a time, Sookie, stopped and looked around briefly, saw Mary Beth waving from a distance. She looked at me with a smile, a quiet thank you, turned around, walked down the stairs slowly, turned her head back and winked as if to say, “see ya tomorrow neighbor,” that made my day.

Sookie will be back tomorrow I hope for another chat, with permission from Mary Beth, of course.

Sookie came by to say hey today.

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