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by | Jul 5, 2014


Ananga Sivyer… “We are meant for so much more than to merely exist, to worry over bills, to feel stressed and exhausted. We have the rare gift of a human life, the chance to explore our core potential, to learn, to live with purpose, and to cultivate our spiritual nature.”

“Beautiful Calm…” Click here for more. Quote from this website…by Ananga Sivyer

“That all changed in 2003 when a sudden illness put me to bed and I was “forced” to reflect and put  what I had learned into practice. As the months and years rolled by with me largely confined to my own home I learned how to reframe the experience and, for the most part, I didn’t feel confined at all. I learned to journey far and wide in my own mind; to walk, run and swim, to travel and explore. And beyond that, I learned to find my calm centre, to work with my breath, to ease physical pain and to relax more deeply than I ever thought possible.” ***** Finding stories that reinforce the journey of healing is a favorite past-time and critical to my own peace of mind.  It is also exceedingly inspirational to read stories of individuals who find their own unique ways of healing from traumatic events in life.  The story of Ananga Sivyer (click here) from the UK is such an example of the power of mindfulness and alternative treatment strategies that evolve sometimes in magical ways from the very soul…often unexplainable…but demonstrated in the lives of sufferers who survive and thrive.

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