Sharing our backyard…Stunning Whale Cove on the Central Oregon Coast…

by | Mar 29, 2013

Whale Cove marine life…tide pools…and caves…

Little Whale Cove…only private beach on the Oregon Coast

Whale Cove is our home and Heaven on earth!  Click on this site to enjoy this beautiful video and the background music…by Bryce Buchanan

“This spectacular cove on the Oregon coast is relatively inaccessible to people and because of that fact, it remains in a healthy natural state. Seals have their pups here; bald eagles and herons and many other birds nest and fish here, mostly undisturbed. It is one of the most beautiful places in Oregon.

I am one of many people who are working to keep it that way. We have a plan to put most of the land around Whale Cove into permanent conservation. The plan is a co-operative effort between myself, North Coast Land Conservancy, Oregon State Parks and the Federal Transportation Department.

Wish us luck. This unique natural area deserves protection.”

Bryce Buchanan


I am so proud and pleased to share this video of the stunning beauty of the area and beaches surrounding our home in Little Whale Cove near Depoe Bay, Oregon.  In the almost 8 years living here on the Central Oregon Coast, we can never get enough of Whale Cove a short walk from our home.  There are many days during the summer that we feel there is no other beach in the world like Whale Cove.  Even during the winter we venture down to the cove and beach, which is highly protected from winter storms.  But never do we take the risk of making our way down the path at high tide when there is a storm.  The entire beach disappears at times.  We can stand safely at the top of the cliff and storm watch on those days.  Whale cove is a very favorite beach most anytime to experience total freedom.  It is also a highly spiritual spot where Siletz Native Americans lived long ago.  We residents of the area also appreciate the healing value of Whale Cove.  There is no other place like it on the planet!

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

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