Sexual Dysfunction & PTSD? A Symptom of PTSD??

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“Most studies on sexual dysfunction among veterans with PTSD have looked at Vietnam veterans. In those studies, rates of sexual dysfunction were as high as 80%. The high rates led some mental health professionals to suggest that decreased sexual desire should be considered as a symptom of PTSD.”

Finally!  We are now starting to talk about sexual dysfunction in relationship to the symptoms of PTSD.  I welcome this discussion, and know that most will.  It is true, from my own experience struggling with the symptoms of PTSD and in talking privately with others, that this is an issue that really makes matters worse.  Love and compassion are both critical to the journey of healing from moral injury.  The symptoms of PTSD can often create the conditions of “emotional numbing” and “dis-associative” behaviors and therefore take the romance out of life.  Not good news!  Sex can be stigmatized and avoided in our interactions with loved ones too.  But sex is an excellent and natural human need and desire.  A healthy sex life will make the journey of healing a little easier if we can talk about it and take steps to return romance and adventure to our daily lives.

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

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