Seligman Route 66 Memories… Road To Sun City Festival

by | Jun 13, 2022

We left Las Vegas about a week ago after a beautiful visit with the kids. A huge reason for our decision for moving to Arizona is to be closer to family and old friends. It’s time to retire and be in a healthier setting and culture of aging folks just like us.

We wouldn’t think of taking the final marathon lap to Sun City Festival, Arizona without taking a closer look at the amazing country and places along the way.

Enjoy this last lap with us as we make our new home in the Sonora. The climate, whether hot or not is very agreeable. Just check out the feedback and quality of life here in this spiritual place first settled by Native Americans who thrived in the Sonora so long ago.

We can learn to stay cool and happy from these natives who know far more about healing than we’ll ever know. I feel the healing power of the spirits speaking to me in this moment., _Arizon

Route 66, Seligman, Arizona, brings back memories qof road trips to Minnesota c1956…

Cross Mountain Secrets

Hualapai Mountains Treasures.

Ta’thamiche, Hualapai 1907 photo by Edward Curtis

“Unusual and unique plant communities exist within the Flagstaff area. Arizona leatherflower (Clematis hirsutissima var. arizonica) is associated with dense stands of ponderosa pine on limestone soils. Hedeoma diffusum, another rare plant, is found on knolls and rocky outcrops in limestone areas. These rare plant communities serve as important biological niches and contribute to the ecosystem.”

Deer Farm with two happy faces…

Kaibab National Forest, _Arizona

Williams, Arizona, _Arizona

Flagstaff below Woodchute Mountain


Cracker Barrel Rocking Chairs for me…
Woodchute Mountain…

Ponderosa Pine Preserve

Coconino National Forest…, _Arizona

Sedona, Arizona, _Arizona

Old horizontal mine shaft

Slide Rock Campground, _Arizona

Downtown Jerome with a ‘back in the day’ appeal…

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