Seeking Sponsors and Collaborators to Share in Success!

by | Apr 19, 2021

Draftwood Art from Mindfulness Meditation Creations…

We are selectively considering sponsors as early adoptors. “Children and Families in Life After Trauma” has evolved from 10 years of love and passion for this work.

This past year has made our platform a much broader and more robust website. dedicated to healing, mindfulness, empathy, compassion, kindness and love. Especially to share from our home in Little Whale Cove by the sea…

You all are responsible! You pointed us! Friends, family and loved ones guided us. We could see your vision for love, not hate. We listened to you, who’s hearts are open to kindness, love and healing.

Soul food is on the menu. Come with us on this journey of healing…

Our newest and most popular page are the stories included in our new book, “The Furry Loved Ones and Wildlife Friends Who Touch Our Hearts and Souls.” PRE-ORDER now!

Your vision of kindness can be seen here too… Thank you all for your kindness, love and support!

Love ya!

Steve and Judy Sparks

Steve and Judy on our favorite sailing ship, “Stars and Stripes” San Diego, Ca a message. I’ll call you. We can chat…

Mindfulness Meditation Moments from Little Whale Cove, Oregon

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