“Seeking Safety” is a Treatment for Co-occuring PTSD and Substance Abuse…

by | Aug 16, 2012

http://ptsd.about.com/od/treatment/a/substanceptsdtx.htm  Quoted from this site…

It is common for individuals with PTSD to also develop problems with alcohol and drug use. In fact, these problems co-occur quite frequently. Alcohol and drug use can interfere with standard treatments for PTSD. Therefore, people have developed specialized cognitive-behavioral treatments for substance abuse and PTSD. One such treatment is called Seeking Safety.

http://www.seekingsafety.org/  Quoted from this site…

What is Seeking Safety?  Seeking Safety is a present-focused therapy to help people attain safety from trauma/PTSD and substance abuse.  The treatment is available as a book, providing both client handouts and guidance for clinicians.
The treatment was designed for flexible use.  It has been conducted in group and individual format; for women, men, and mixed-gender; using all topics or fewer topics; in a variety of settings (outpatient, inpatient, residential); and for both substance abuse and dependence.  It has also been used with people who have a trauma history, but do not meet criteria for PTSD.  

A CNN news bulletin regarding PTSD & substance abuse got my attention today…  It seems like almost a daily discussion these days about the counter productive use of alcohol & drugs while attempting to treat the symptoms of PTSD.  We were visiting with family last night when my nephew, a church pastor, mentioned that he and his faith community colleagues and church elders are often faced with the challenge of helping combat veterans with both PTSD and substance abuse.  It is a vicious circle!  I know personally that my well being and journey of healing has been so much easier without the use of pain killers.  I also recall many years ago when eliminating alcohol the positive result of feeling much more in control of emotions and ability to function more effectively.  Most who have experienced the same choices will agree, and the news bulletins keep coming to make us all more aware of the dangers of substance abuse, especially when taking medications designed to treat PTSD.   This posting is yet another attempt to promote awareness.  Check out the above sites and learn more…  I will include “Seeking Safety” as a permanent link on this website.

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