Running for Lincoln County Oregon Commissioner… Empathy & Compassion ❤️

by | Jan 17, 2022

Find Your Calling?

“Callings are like that. You may think you’ve grasped yours, and then suddenly, you find it slipping through your fingers. Callings shift. They transmute. They shapeshift. It can be damn confusing and crazy making!”?

The well-being of people

I’m on to something. I believe some of us have a calling as healers, and leaders too.

“We are the ones who have suffered and as best at healers,” says Dr. Mandy Davis, Director, Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO)

In my case, my father’s life was one of severe suffering. Our family suffered from intergenerational trauma. My Dad suffered horrific emotional pain from war. My mother too, all her life.

After my Dad retired from the Navy in 1958, he went to work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Before he retired at the McNeill Island Federal Correction Institution near Tacoma, Wa he was a Drug Abuse Councilor, the very 1st in that time.

Then, in retirement, for several years, he ran a halfway house funded by the State. This was a 501c3 component of a local church group.

My calling? Maybe. I think so, do you?

My work has always been about people and their well being. I believe so now…

I believe this is why I’m running for Lincoln County Oregon Commissioner. The time is now…

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