Running Away From PTSD…

by | Aug 16, 2022

Running 24/7!

Running from intrusive thoughts and demons all my life is a horrific mental health challenge, in my view. And, I’m not alone. Millions of people suffer from PTSD, including chronic anxiety and major depressive disorder,

Most try to outrun PTSD. Most fail to do so, only discovering with age that running 10k races every day for decades is a never ending rabbit hole. Without whole patient medical treatment and clinical therapy, recovery is nearly impossible, I believe.

What is “Whole Patient Medical Care?”

“complete medical history and examination, historical and cultural background, emotional and/or spiritual strength, family and community support combined with scientific medical evidence and being able to guide the patient properly in improving wellness as well as in treatment of illness, always with the whole patient’s best interests in mind.”

Finding appropriate care is very tough…

For me, even with significant awareness, research, training and experience as a professional, it was and still is a steep hill to climb. I found that it was nearly impossible to keep running away. The chronic symptoms of PTSD motivated me to keep trying. It became too painful emotionally and physically to not find a continuum of whole patient health care.

It is clear to me now why too many souls, young and old die before their time. For the younger folks, who live with PTSD symptoms, and, seniors too, suicide is all too often a choice to stop running from the demons, and never-ending emotional and physical pain.

Warriors and 1st Responders suffer greatly.

I recommend highly watching Terminal List, staring Chris Pratt with all around exceptional and sensitive acting. The story takes us on a journey to experience how war tortured a highly decorated Seal Team hero, who lost his wife and child. His secret deployments became dangerous to his family beyond the battle field.

Here’s the link, The Terminal List…

Warriors suffer the most for us…

Primary Care Provider is key!

Don’t think twice about having a Primary Care Physician, who will assist in navigating your whole care needs. This step saved my life!

A close friend and colleague once told me something I will never forget. “Steve, remember each day to make a difference for at least one person. This is the way I keep pain at a safe distance.” Gene is a decorated Vietnam veteran who experienced hard combat.

I’m hoping my readers will find this post revealing and useful in seeking whole patient health care. Be well…

Nature’s healing power…

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